So you want to start a podcast?

We can help you with the complete setup for an At-Home or In-Studio Podcast for your Personal Brand or Business. Imagine your voice being heard on the most popular platforms like: iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, Pandora (they approve), IHeartRadio (they approve), TuneIn, YouTube (video), Vimeo (paid video).

We started a podcast for our creative director/co-founder Joyce Platon called Hello Beauty. With her podcast as an example you can see some of the many options for delivering your content to fans.

so how much would this cost?

As you can imagine this depends on many factors, but we have it down to a science and can get you started for as low as $500 for Onboarding and $500/month for a weekly audio podcast!

monthly podcast setup.png

CAPABILITIES/ADD-ONS: full-time producer/ AV tech/ post production(level of editing, length of episodes)/ how many final pieces (audio file, facebook, linkedin, twitter, ig, story)/ branding strategy/ marketing strategy/ legal coverage/ booking the guest/ topics of discussion/ gaining sponsorship/ building partnerships/ location rental/ audio (lapel or dynamic mic and headphones)/ lighting, cameras, cables, etc./ insurance/ BTS video or photos/ mileage/ parking/ clean and maintain equipment/ livestream/ photos during filming/ interactive producer (live research, etc.)/ music and sound licenses