Give first, then MAYBE receive



  • Perfect for brand recognition and brand awareness in the community

  • Creates a tremendous amount of: impressions, shares, likes and comments

  • Increases your email list!

  • New followers


  • Not to mention the lifetime value of each customer and each impression you leave on the internet


Most giveaways are ran illegally. Each platform and each giveaway requires a fully legal set of "Terms and Conditions".

These rules change regularly, so we highly advise working with someone who fully understands them. 

We'll help you play by the rules!

Pearl Rack

New York, NY

They came to us looking to gain a little attention on social media. So we took all new updated pictures and ran a fully legal giveaway.

They connected with over 20,000 people online, doubled their following on social media, and increased their email list by 35%- all for the low investment of $250 for Ad Spend.

Pearl Rack Giveaway Landing Page.png

La Carmencita

Hollywood, CA

They decided to run a few giveaways to let the area of Hollywood know they just moved in

They also spent a little more money on professional pictures, graphic design, and custom branding

They spent very little on ad spend: $100 each



They strictly wanted Facebook engagement, and they got it, with over 37,000 impressions

The more things you ask a person to do, the less people are inclined to engage. Sometimes it's better keep them on Facebook if you want real engagement

We made sure we used a stock lens and didn't overly photoshop the pictures. They are called "shack" for a reason.

Humans crave authenticity online these days, especially with food

Harbor Breeze Dental Care-

Jupiter, Fl

They really wanted to share the love on Valentine's Day

Dr. Mark understands that the #1 benefit of the giveaway is to connect with the community by "getting his name out there" with giving

They live in a small town, so we are very careful about over-advertising